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These pages contain essays about general topics in politics.  Their focus is not on short-term issues, but on long-term problems facing the United States and the world.  There are currently three essays:

  • Budget, Taxes & Jobs – The US national debt is dangerously high, our tax structure encourages this, and technology and outsourcing are eliminating jobs.  There is a surprisingly simple single solution to all three of these problems.
  • Population and the Future – The world faces a number of slow but relentless threats that will prove to be extremely dangerous over the long term.  Every one of these threats is exacerbated by population growth.
  • Objective Policies – Most laws in most countries are made based on the subjective judgements of their lawmakers.  They should instead be based on a well-defined common ethics and objective scientific evidence.
  • Libertarianism – The US political process is broken. The one viable, comprehensive alternative to the status quo is libertarianism, which seeks a less power, less intrusive, less self-righteous, and ultimately less harmful government.

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