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These pages contain essays on various topics associated with the subject of epistemology.  Epistemology is the study of knowledge.  The primary question asked in epistemology is: how do we know what we know, and in particular, how can we be justified in our beliefs?  The first of the four essays in this category is more of a discussion of the enterprise of philosophy in general rather than being strictly about epistemology.  The other three are related to standard epistemological topics:

  • Philosophical Discourse – The historical process of philosophical discourse and inquiry is antiquated and fraught with problems.  It is time to bring philosophy into the modern era.
  • On Truth – Only one definition of truth is reasonable, but there are two kinds of true statements, each with a different method of justification.  There are also some statements that can neither be confirmed or refuted.
  • Scientific Method – The scientific method is the only viable method for justifying any statement that is not a logical tautology.
  • Consciousness – There is no subject of which mankind is more profoundly ignorant than the problem of consciousness.  It must be a natural phenomena, but we may never fully understand how or why it emerges from natural processes.

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